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Its very name is beguiling.  I’ve seen it every week at the grocery store and often been intrigued.  It has such an interesting, exotic appearance, with its five peaked lobes stretching along its shiny, yellow body.  I always wondered what it was like, but never enough to try it. The other day, though, Karen noticed it, laughed, and asked what it was.

“Well, that’s a starfruit, and you cut it into slices that look like stars.  We can get one and try it.”

“No, Daddy; I just wondered what it was.  We don’t need to try it.”

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Dreams, drive, and a Nigerian doctor

JOS, NIGERIA – Twenty years ago, Daniel Shehu Danlami Salihu didn’t know what he was going to do.

Freshly out of high school, he was eager to begin studying to become a doctor, but an instructors’ strike had closed the universities.  It was already October, and the driven young man wanted to do something productive with his time.

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Teaching life and livelihood for 20 years

The purpose of my trip to Nigeria in November was to cover the 20th anniversary of a computer school founded there by Dr. Anthony Petrillo, an SIM missionary, in partnership with ECWA, a Nigerian Christian denomination.  This article tells the history of that partnership and will be the first-posted of several articles written for Dr. Petrillo’s ministry, TEN3.

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