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Remembering His faithfulness

One of my favorite heroes growing up was Indiana Jones.  With a cool hat, a calm demeanor, and a cockeyed grin, he always showed faith that things would work out in the end.  I loved the part in Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade when he took the leap of faith, stepping into what he believed was an abyss only to discover that a way across had been there all along.

It’s a good reminder to Tracy and me as we follow God’s call to serve Him and those around us, now and when we get to Cape Town.  It’s important to have faith in His providence for what lies ahead and to strengthen that faith by remembering times He has provided for our needs in the past.

Three reminders came to us last week. Continue reading

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My husband is pretty awesome!

My husband is pretty awesome. I don’t always remember that. Or remember to tell him. Or some days even to be nice to him. Why do I give my best, all my patience, to others? Work, church, and friendships tend to get much more patience and kindness from me than he does. So I just wanted to take a moment to let him know (and you as well) what great guy he is.

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Yay! Tracy’s here!

Tracy has written another post for the blog, and this time, we figured out how to set her up with her own byline!  It only seems appropriate, therefore, to post a brief announcement of that for clarity.

Tracy and I share this blog, like we share this mission and this journey.  Often, though, the visible tasks (such as writing this blog) fall to me, the writer and one without a full-time job outside the mission.  The posts are generally from me, so when a post has come from Tracy, we’ve had to specify that.  From now on, each of us will be able to post under our own names.

As always, thanks for your interest in the work and words God gives us.

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Every year…

Today marks the 13th anniversary of the September 11th attacks.  Terrorists killed nearly 3,000 people that day, and those who rushed to help in the rescue and clean-up efforts continue to die of illnesses attributed to toxic conditions at the World Trade Center.

It was a day filled with hate and horror, but also love and hope; the years since have brought more of each.

Every year, we as Americans share our memories and grief and encourage each other to preserve our resolve never to forget.

Every year, Alan Jackson’s song makes me cry.

As we remember our nation’s tragedy and the lives lost, let us also remember to pray.

Let us pray for the families and friends who grieve loved ones who died that day and in the wars that have followed.

Let us pray for those who continue to risk their lives to keep others safe.  Let us pray for healing for those who risked their health and wholeness to help others.

Let us pray for our leaders to discern the right answer to each challenge and problem and to have the courage and support to follow it.

Let us pray for changed hearts within those who would harm us and others, and pray for the safety of those among them informing us of their plans.

Let us pray for a world of peace, love, and justice.

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