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Billy has a new video…

Billy loves cars and airplanes.  And cartoons.  And talking cartoon cars and airplanes.  He really loves the Cars and Planes movies, and he recently started singing “Still I Fly” (one of the songs from Planes:  Fire & Rescue) a lot.  He sings it while watching the movie, while walking around the house, while hugging our dog, Sophie, and while serenading us to sleep.

Tracy asked me to get a video of him singing it for her birthday.  He and I managed to complete the recording in time but not the editing.  I’m still learning all of that, but it’s great practice for doing videos about our work once we get to Cape Town.

I did finish the video after writing the “He who finds a wife” blog post, though, and thought some of you might like to see it.  In the spirit of learning as much as I can, I’d love to hear any feedback you have about it artistically or technically.

Billy’s singing debut can be found at our Videos page.

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“He who finds a wife…”

“…finds a good thing and obtains favor from the LORD.”

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365, +/-

“Give or take a few days, we are now a year away from our departure for South Africa.”

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What’s in a name? A brief reflection on MLK

Dr. Martin Luther King’s words and example continue to inspire us. Here are some brief thoughts I had about him last year.

The Heffron Family

I was just remembering the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when I was struck by how admirable and appropriate each part of his name is.

Reverend – He was a man of God, pursuing Jesus’ call to love Him and all of our neighbors equally and sacrificially, who sought to minister not only to souls but also to suffering.  

Doctor – He was a man of learning, who succeeded in cultivating his mind despite significant, racist barriers to fair education.

Martin Luther – He was a reformer who worked to free the oppressed from the corruption of his time.  

King – He was a born leader with eloquence, regality, and courage.  

Junior – He was a son, not only born to an earthly father but also reborn to an eternal One.

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