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She’s coming home!

In a few hours, the kids and I will get Tracy from the airport.  There will be wide smiles, joyful shrieks, and tearful hugs.  There will be wholeness and warmth and catharsis.

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Baltimore, Ferguson, and “Africa”

I was reading coverage of Baltimore’s riots last night when I realized that “America” probably looks pretty scary in other countries’ news.

Maybe even as scary as “Africa” often seems to people over here.

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How is God changing lives through our church?

It’s impossible to see everything God is doing in and through us as individuals and as groups, but it’s also hard just to remember the things we can see.

With our church’s annual meeting happening just around the corner, pastor Craig Cooper asked me a few weeks ago if I could put together a video highlighting some of the ways God is changing lives through our church, Crosswinds Wesleyan in Canandaigua, NY.

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Following, not directing

God, having infinite love and joy (among many other attributes), sometimes just pours out both in ways that become quite humorous. A failed attempt to see a friend, a canceled flight, an unsuccessful phone call, and a chance conversation in a hallway I didn’t have a good reason to walk down came together Saturday into something amusingly beautiful.


I just wanted to get home.

Saturday morning, I went to the hotel lobby and grabbed a paper, headed into the restaurant for some pancakes and bacon, and settled in for a little relaxation before leaving for the airport around noon.

That was my plan, anyway. A text from Delta informed me there was another.

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