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National Day of Prayer

In a town near us but not our own, our pastor gathered with others from around the area yesterday to lead an interdenominational service for the 64th annual National Day of Prayer.

Kids played on the hill behind the gazebo.  Musicians led us in praise.  Pastors, civic leaders, a businessman, and a student led us in focused prayers.  Attendees gathered in groups to pray together. Continue reading

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Five miles and a world apart

One of the things that most perplexed me when I started teaching was some of my students insisting they were completely different from the students at the next school over.

Both schools were similar in size.  Both districts were farming communities with similar socio-economic and ethnic details.  Driving between the communities, it was hard even to figure out where the border was.  Five miles and a world apart.

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Shedding the load

My computer power was almost out, I had to hurry. There was only one hour to try to charge it as much as I could or I would be stuck without it until tomorrow.

“Stage 1 load shedding will be implemented from 1700 – 2200.”

Right. Find the power cord. Find the adapter. At 3% power – how much will I get in one hour? We’ll see.

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Books: African Friends and Money Matters, by David Maranz

Part of our training to be a missionary has involved reading.  A lot of reading.  We have a stack of books about 19 inches tall or so, plus online classes.

African Friends and Money Matters is a collection of 90 observations about cultural differences in practice and perspective between Africans and Westerners regarding social responsibility and the use of money and other resources.

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