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Book: Know Your Bible: All 66 Books Explained and Applied

A little review of a little book. Continue reading

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Coming soon: more book reviews

Few things have been as important to me throughout my life as books.

When I was a kid, I loved the freedom and adventure of exploring a new book.  I loved that a book could go with me to a favorite tree and take me to a faraway land, that it was small and portable but unlimited in scope, that we could get fresh air on a sunny afternoon or huddle under the covers to keep reading by flashlight.

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Who knew there were that many of us?

There’s something uniquely encouraging about meeting people who share your passion and work.

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Rising again, lion-hearted

People are sometimes surprised to learn that I was cripplingly shy as a kid. A barnacle on mom’s leg, nearly. There were many reasons, like getting lost at a festival when I was really young and many hours reading alone or hiking with the dogs as I got older.

That isolation started to chip away in high school theater and college, but it really weakened once I got hired as a reporter. My JOB was to approach strangers and talk to them, and my paycheck depended upon it. Strong motivation and a good opener really helped overcome the shyness.

Inside, though, I still have some of the introvert left. No one sees it because I’m generally gregarious and loud, but it’s there nonetheless. Continue reading

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