This page features videos produced by others whose work inspires us through technique, artistry, or content.  We look forward to developing such skills, but in the meantime, we are glad and grateful that God has developed them in others.

We hope you, too, will find value, beauty, and inspiration in them.

SIM’s work in Liberia against Ebola

The following two videos were produced by Silent Images (, “A nonprofit organization that provides charities with professional photography and video services that educate and inspire viewers to take action.”

 ELWA Hospital – A Ministry of SIM

screenshot for video link - ELWA hospital, Liberia

Nurse & Ebola Survivor Barbara Onoh

Barbara Onoh - Ebola survivor

Video map “The Spread of the Gospel”

This video, created by , shows how Christ’s message has spread and retreated, one year per frame.

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