We’re the Heffrons, a family in rural New York state following Jesus and preparing to serve full-time in Cape Town, South Africa.

I (Brian) am a former newspaper reporter and English teacher and will serve as a writer and editor.  Tracy is a physician assistant in a local hospital’s emergency department and will explore ways to volunteer her heart and medical skills while also taking care of our family.  Our kids, Karen and Billy, are in elementary school and excited about moving to Cape Town.

We have been thinking and praying about missions for more than ten years, and we are overjoyed to be on this journey.  We love growing closer to Jesus, learning more about Him, building our faith and trust in Him, and sharing about Him with others.  “Missions” – going to strangers (across the ocean or across town), helping them in God’s name, and teaching them about Him – is central to His message and plan, and we are humbly thankful to be involved.  God has prepared a path for us to Cape Town, but we seek first to serve Him where we are.  We are glad for the chances He gives us here now.

Thank you for stopping by, and may God bless you and all those whom you hold dear.

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2 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. I don’t know if you wrote this with excitement- but I read it with excitement!! It fills my soul to see Brothers and Sisters who hear the call of Jesus and MOVE!! God Bless you Heffron Family and look forward to following you in your journey!!

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