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Teach your children well

Overheard at the park just now:

“What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing; you already told her twice.” Continue reading

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Books: Go Tell It

Appropriately, I had substantial writer’s block about how to start this review.

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“If you can cook our food, then you are one of us.”

I have always enjoyed food—the joy of exploring different tastes and textures, the excitement of experimenting and creating something new, the delight of sharing discoveries and successes with others, the pleasure of fellowship around the table, and the comfort of familiar favorites.

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Catching up on the past few months

It’s ironic that the last sizable post on this blog included the sentence, “Through the difficulties and joys of this time, it has always been clear that this is where God meant for us to be.”

It’s still true, even though He’s since called us back to America.

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