My husband is pretty awesome!

My husband is pretty awesome. I don’t always remember that. Or remember to tell him. Or some days even to be nice to him. Why do I give my best, all my patience, to others? Work, church, and friendships tend to get much more patience and kindness from me than he does. So I just wanted to take a moment to let him know (and you as well) what great guy he is.

“So Brian, how’s the work going?” That’s a question he gets a lot. The simple answer is: great! We are laying up our treasures in Heaven, where rust and moths do not destroy. He does not “bring home the bacon;” he is bringing our family manna from heaven. Well, he does bring home actual bacon, too, since he does 90% of our grocery shopping.

I have seen spiritual growth and maturing in him throughout the fourteen years that we have known each other, but the past two years have shown growth spurts. He has philosophical discussions about God that our 6- and 8-year-olds understand. He can sit down with someone who is troubled by voices or evil spirits and show them that as a child of God those spirits can try to bother them but that those dark forces are mere mosquitos when it comes to their influence in the face of God’s power. I have seen Brian well up with tears as he earnestly speaks with someone who doubts their own worth: “You are a beloved child of God and nothing, not one thing, can ever change that. He made you just the way he wanted you.”

And that was just in the past three weeks.

When we go to Cape Town, South Africa, next year, Brian will be back in a traditional, paying job. But this time that he has had to absorb the word of God, to be able to focus on relationships rather than time and schedules and money, will help us as a family to try to shine God’s light to others.

We are not perfect. We are not superhero Christians. We are ordinary people who have chosen to follow a perfect, supreme God.

Be careful: if you follow God with your heart, mind, and soul, it will turn your world upside-down.

And it is definitely worth it.

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