2 down, 2 to go

We moved in August. And again last week.  We’re planning to move in January. And will again sometime soon afterward.

We’re apparently nomads now.

In August, the four of us moved from our sprawling house in the country into two bedrooms in my parents’ double-wide manufactured home in a park.  Last week, we moved into the rental house that will be our home until moving to Cape Town, where we’ll stay in a guest house until we can find our own place.

Each move has been a chance to reassess our belongings, a lesson in what’s important, a reminder to hold things loosely and people lovingly.  It has sometimes seemed overwhelming, both emotionally and practically.  The house sold quickly, so we found ourselves moving out even before we’d finished sorting and purging our belongings.  We brought some things with us to my folks’ place but stored most temporarily in a friend’s garage, another friend’s storage bay, and the trailer that we’ll use for the little bit we’ll keep while we’re overseas.

Last week, everything moved here with us, and our efforts in purging and in ministry are a lot more efficient again.  One table serves as our desk, others as sorting spaces.  Everything we have really belongs to God, so we’re trying to be good stewards in how we dispose of things and what we choose to keep.  We’ve sold some things to raise funds for our mission work, given other things to friends and family, and donated much to goodwill.  Photos can be scanned and some things photographed, but some mementos are best held.  The kids have their bikes for now but will have outgrown them (and most of their clothes) by the time we return.

In the end, we have to choose whether we focus on what matters most:  what we’re giving up, what we’re holding onto, or what we’re opening ourselves to.

Little can come with us, and little can stay.  But much awaits.

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