Getting around, getting home

We’ve been traveling a bit.

In the past month, we’ve spent time in seven cities across ten states (well, nine states and a province) in two countries, from Toronto, Canada to Jacksonville, Florida.

We’ve driven over 3,000 miles to learn and speak about missions, see friends and family, and begin to say our farewells.  We’ve rejoiced in making new friends and holding a new baby, in learning new things and seeing new places, and in visiting different churches and trying different ways of worshiping the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

It’s good to travel and rejuvenate.  It’s also good to get home and back to work.

We managed to do some things while we were gone, but we wanted to maximize our time with loved ones we largely won’t see again for years.  For me, I have a mountain of writing to catch up; with so many experiences, there were many things I wanted to share but too little time to write them.  I also don’t like publicizing online that our house is unwatched, and just about everything I wanted to write would’ve given that away.

Now that we’re back, I’ll say here that we were gone, and I’ll invite you to check back as we share a few lessons from our time away.

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