Exciting news

I have plane tickets for a news-gathering trip!

Part of my ministry is to travel to other parts of South Africa and gather stories about God’s work through the people and ministries connected to SIM.  However, entering and adjusting to life and work here, schedule conflicts and cancelations, publication deadlines, and the annual Christmas/summer shutdown all helped delay this first trip to Johannesburg.

The trip is still weeks away, but buying that round-trip ticket and reserving a guest room and car felt incredibly satisfying Wednesday.  It’s not just the trip itself, although seeing another part of South Africa and learning from colleagues and believers there will be wonderful.

It’s that this trip is the first one and represents another way in which the work entrusted to us is advancing.

It’s that this trip will let me gather stories, photos, and even videos from around the country and region instead of just around our neighborhood and city, helping SIM South Africa encourage a wider audience and interest than only being in Cape Town can.

It’s that this trip coming together strengthens my hope and excitement about other plans in the works for this coming year:  meeting and interviewing Angolan believers who had to resettle in northwestern South Africa; helping colleagues in Zimbabwe tell of their work; following missionaries as they help educate other believers about our faith.

So while work will continue here in Cape Town (and especially because much of it is invisible administrative tasks), knowing that a trip is coming helps keep me energized and eager.

Please pray:

  • that story preparations for this trip and others will go smoothly and be fruitful.
  • that intervening tasks will be completed well.
  • for me to leave Tracy and the kids well situated for my absence, and for things to go well for them during it.
  • for wisdom and health for office leadership.
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