Come read of God’s work through SIM South Africa

The current issue of SIM South Africa’s magazine, SIMNow, is available online.

It features stories about training for teaching English to speakers of other languages, a worker in a north African country, a scholarship program, our director’s national tour researching current attitudes toward missions, and efforts to reestablish an old relationship with Angolan immigrants living in the northwest part of South Africa, as well as others.  The cover photo is a sunrise I took from a road called Boyes Drive, overlooking some of Cape Town’s southern suburbs and False Bay on the far right.  It was a beautiful and peaceful morning (especially because no baboons approached me or my equipment).

The magazine is printed locally with a run of about 4,000 copies; about sixty percent of these are mailed to individuals and churches who pray for or financially support SIM South Africa’s work here and in other countries.  The remaining issues are shared by members during presentations at churches, conventions, and meetings.

My colleague, Cindy, designs the whole issue and has done so for many years.  I’m grateful that she can handle those aspects.  I generate most of the writing and many of the photographs, although this issue features many contributed pictures.

Posting this online is among the duties I have inherited with managing the SIM South Africa web site, but sometimes my web design “skills” make me feel overwhelmed. Being over my head just means I have to learn to swim in another pool (twelve, actually, as that’s how many new computer programs and skills I’m studying), but doing so takes time.  Yesterday, I found out part of my web page management problem was that there’s actually another program our site uses to manage posting the issues (make that thirteen programs and skills).

This issue has come out online a bit later than it did in print, but I’m grateful for the chance to share with you something I couldn’t otherwise.  This issue is a PDF best viewed on a wide screen, like a laptop or a tablet held sideways, but I’ll be posting the individual articles to our web page over the next two weeks.  We’re also learning how to make future issues both adaptive to different screen sizes and interactive, with videos and slideshows and other media content added to the electronic versions.

In case the links break, the magazine’s URL is

Prayers, please:

  • for Cindy and I to learn new tasks and do them well
  • for the stories we publish to glorify God and His work
  • for more workers to join, both as missionaries serving away from home and as volunteers offering some free time
  • for SIM South Africa to gain more prayer and financial supporters and be able to expand its work
  • for our extended family, mourning the loss of my Dad’s sister, Kate, and celebrating the influence and memories she gave us all
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