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“If you can cook our food, then you are one of us.”

I have always enjoyed food—the joy of exploring different tastes and textures, the excitement of experimenting and creating something new, the delight of sharing discoveries and successes with others, the pleasure of fellowship around the table, and the comfort of familiar favorites.

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Seeing red wrongly

A lot of ink has been spilled lately over the color of some coffee cups.

Starbucks’ seasonal red cups have been decried (ridiculously) by some Christians as an attack on Christmas.  Apparently, the snowflakes and ornaments and snowmen on previous years’ cups are sufficiently religious symbols, but the color red is not.  Never mind the convention of printing Christ’s words in red or the tradition of using red and green as Christmas colors

The thing just won’t get off my Facebook feed, and that prompted me to think again about something that bothers me often, something that came up a few times at cross-cultural missionary training last month.

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