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Many years ago, the newspaper I wrote for sent me to a seminar on community journalism held by Jock Lauterer, a photojournalist and professor with a Southern drawl and a down-home perspective on things.

Among his many lessons was of a time he was taking pictures of a party and an old man told him, “Son, put down the camera and dance!”

Balance is important.

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Following, not directing

God, having infinite love and joy (among many other attributes), sometimes just pours out both in ways that become quite humorous. A failed attempt to see a friend, a canceled flight, an unsuccessful phone call, and a chance conversation in a hallway I didn’t have a good reason to walk down came together Saturday into something amusingly beautiful.


I just wanted to get home.

Saturday morning, I went to the hotel lobby and grabbed a paper, headed into the restaurant for some pancakes and bacon, and settled in for a little relaxation before leaving for the airport around noon.

That was my plan, anyway. A text from Delta informed me there was another.

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