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Seeing value, seeing beauty

I love photography.

Like writing, photography is an art of observing, of seeing differently and more closely, and of seeking value even where it could easily be missed or assumed lacking.  Of deciding how best to share the value seen with others who may not have noticed or even had the chance to see for themselves.

It’s an art of honoring, valuing, and validating.

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Songs from Nigeria

One of the joys of visiting Christians in other cultures is hearing their style of worship.  Whether a familiar tune with foreign words or voices or a new song reflecting their musical heritage, their music always reminds me of Revelation’s promise of a great multitude from every tongue, tribe and nation worshiping together in Heaven.

Here are five songs performed by the staff members of the ECWA Information and Computer Sciences Institute.  Some were recorded during their morning devotions, while others were part of the school’s 20th anniversary celebrations.

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