Prayer Letter #3 – Nigeria Report

Much has happened since our last prayer letter!

As many of you know, shortly after we last wrote, I was invited to cover the 20th anniversary celebrations for a Christian computer school in Jos, central Nigeria.  I was blessed to meet amazing missionaries and Nigerians working together to improve life there through education, faith, and community assistance.

Preparations for and work from the trip kept me very busy from mid-October through January, as did debriefing and reflection.  I am glad to finally post this long overdue update and report.

This special, long issue features several stories and photos from that trip.  Other material is already available on this blog, and more stories, photos, and sound recordings of Nigerian songs and worship will be added soon.

The biggest update is that we are exploring a new assignment within SIM.  The Nigeria trip was successful but revealed some ways in which the assignment to TEN3 did not fit our family, most notably the separation between me being a field-visiting missionary and the rest of the family staying at home, isolated from the work.

We are now seeking a field placement somewhere in Africa and are discussing specific possibilities with SIM.  What remains unchanged is the basic nature of our ministry:  helping people know about SIM’s work in various countries in Africa.  However, our whole family will be living as missionaries in a field placement, loving our neighbors and using our strengths and skills to help bless others.

Please join us in praying for wisdom and clarity as we explore and consider possible assignments and locations.  Thank you!

Click here to read several stories from the trip to Nigeria.

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