Seeking knowledge to bless others with it

Part of TEN3’s dream is to enable Africans not only to follow the model of godly computer training but also to replicate it.

In 2000, a pastor* from another African country traveled hundreds of miles to Jos because he shared that dream.  Over the next eighteen months, he repeatedly made the long journey to complete his training at ECWA Information and Computer Sciences Institute.

“At the time, it was still difficult to even get access to a computer.  To learn how to use one was very difficult,” he said.

Thanks to a ministry donating laptops to his project, the pastor was able to open a school near his home.  Although it eventually closed due to insufficient revenue, he was able to teach people about Jesus in a country with almost no believers for several years.  Many of his students were able to find good jobs using their skills, and he has opened another school that currently has nearly twenty students.

The pastor, who still lives in his distant homeland, was among those who attended EICSI’s anniversary and graduation celebrations in November.

“This is reminding me what I have gone through,” he said, adding that he enjoyed seeing his former teachers and meeting the school’s founder, SIM missionary Dr. Anthony Petrillo.

* Due to the risk of religious persecution in the pastor’s home country, we have omitted his name and nationality.

More information about TEN3′s work can be found at

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