Morning light

I had a grand plan for today:  I was going to capture a bit of God’s morning light.

Last night, I’d signed out one of the office cars and set half a dozen alarms on my phone.  I’d used an app to plan where to photograph the sunrise.  I’d laid out all my gear and charged my batteries.

And it worked.  I got up on time, got to my location (a high road called Boyes Drive) before the sun rose over the mountains on the far side of False Bay, and began a photo trek that took most of the day.


I’ve wanted to do this since we were assigned here years ago and have been trying to since we arrived in June.  One of the best parts was finally getting some quiet time in nature alone with God.  Adjusting to life in the city (even in a quiet suburb like ours) has been hard for me sometimes.  I’ve missed having the freedom to walk the roads and fields at night alone; some of my favorite memories with God involve talking under the stars He gave us.  While taking pictures today, I kept my phone in my vest pocket, playing music by Tree63, the first Christian band whose music I liked in 2004 and who come from South Africa.

♫ “You’re shining brighter than the sun
You’ll always be the only one” ♫ – Tree63 song “Joy,” a good one for sunrises


The iPhone’s not as capable, but the panorama feature IS quite handy…

After I was done on Boyes Drive, I went down into Kalk Bay and visited a bakery recommended to us when we first arrived.  A good cappuccino, a tasty banger (sausage), and an amazing croissant were waiting for me, along with some characters I’d have liked to chat with longer had they not been so busy with their morning rush.

The sun was blazing by the time I got to the beach at Pelikan Park.  The R310 highway goes right along it, and I’d seen it misty before and hoped it would be again.  Instead, it was clear and sunny by the time I got there, but I enjoyed photographing it nonetheless.

Afterward, I set my camera in the car and sat on the shore, reading my Bible, singing praises, and praying.  I read Genesis 1 while looking at the waters, dry land, plants, birds, and sea creatures it spoke of God creating, things I’d just spent the morning studying so that I might capture a bit of their light and beauty to share with others.


Man comes last in Genesis, and so, too, this morning.  It’s past my bedtime, though, so that part shall wait for tomorrow.

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