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Listening with the love of Christ

This was one of many Facebook posts I made from South Africa during my first trip back. Originally posted March 18, 2018; time references date from then.

“All meaningful relationships start with a conversation and not a presentation,” (source unspecified, quoted this morning by the preacher at our old church in Cape Town).

I want to tell you about Sandile Dlomo, the young man whose picture I shared last Wednesday, and how God put him onto my heart. Continue reading

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Taking off, flying high

It’s good to be busy.  Not for the sake of merely being distracted or overwhelmed, but to have the blessing of contributing to the world and its Lord.

I am swamped in material and tasks, and it is wonderful.

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What’s in a name? A brief reflection on MLK

I was just remembering the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. when I was struck by how admirable and appropriate each part of his name is.

Reverend – He was a man of God, pursuing Jesus’ call to love Him and all of our neighbors equally and sacrificially, who sought to minister not only to souls but also to suffering.  

Doctor – He was a man of learning, who succeeded in cultivating his mind despite significant, racist barriers to fair education.

Martin Luther – He was a reformer who worked to free the oppressed from the corruption of his time.  

King – He was a born leader with eloquence, regality, and courage.  

Junior – He was a son, not only born to an earthly father but also reborn to an eternal One.

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“To the Ends of the Earth”: our church is hosting a global impact festival

This weekend, our church will begin a special series on pursuing God’s work wherever the need exists, from our neighborhoods and regions to other countries.

There will be guest speakers, special sermons, and presentations and classes on missions from Oct. 26 through Nov. 17.  Before and after each service, we and representatives of other ministries supported by Crosswinds will greet visitors and discuss their work.

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