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A tremendous blessing

In about 51 hours, I’ll be hugging my brother Ken at the airport in Rochester, New York.  Another hour later, we’ll be with Mom and Dad at their house.

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A good reminder

After years of anticipation, prayer, and planning, we arrived in Cape Town Monday morning.  A cold, damp winter sky was adorned with a rainbow, full of beauty and God’s promises.  A friend I’d finally met guided us to the bus that took us and our belongings to the guest house.

Since then, we’ve seen him every day and had many joyful and interesting conversations.  He’s been very open about life and practice and culture here, taught us to drive on what he calls “the correct side” of the road, taken us to home and office and stores and car dealerships, and universally been a wonderful host and guide.

He’s also asked us a bit about the US and its culture, church, and politics.  And therein I stumbled yesterday into a valuable reminder.

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Rising again, lion-hearted

People are sometimes surprised to learn that I was cripplingly shy as a kid. A barnacle on mom’s leg, nearly. There were many reasons, like getting lost at a festival when I was really young and many hours reading alone or hiking with the dogs as I got older.

That isolation started to chip away in high school theater and college, but it really weakened once I got hired as a reporter. My JOB was to approach strangers and talk to them, and my paycheck depended upon it. Strong motivation and a good opener really helped overcome the shyness.

Inside, though, I still have some of the introvert left. No one sees it because I’m generally gregarious and loud, but it’s there nonetheless. Continue reading

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Seeing red wrongly

A lot of ink has been spilled lately over the color of some coffee cups.

Starbucks’ seasonal red cups have been decried (ridiculously) by some Christians as an attack on Christmas.  Apparently, the snowflakes and ornaments and snowmen on previous years’ cups are sufficiently religious symbols, but the color red is not.  Never mind the convention of printing Christ’s words in red or the tradition of using red and green as Christmas colors

The thing just won’t get off my Facebook feed, and that prompted me to think again about something that bothers me often, something that came up a few times at cross-cultural missionary training last month.

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