A tremendous blessing

In about 51 hours, I’ll be hugging my brother Ken at the airport in Rochester, New York.  Another hour later, we’ll be with Mom and Dad at their house.

Just before we left in June, two very dear friends called to offer me a plane ticket so I could attend their wedding.  It was a great joy not only because I very much did want to attend and had tried to find a way but also because it comforted my parents that I would be back to visit in a few months instead of a few years.

Separation from loved ones is often the hardest part of serving overseas.  We’re blessed with amazing communications technology nowadays, but nothing substitutes for a warm embrace and the comfort of presence.  I call my folks often using a VOIP phone, but Dad can’t hear it well enough to talk much, and it’s hard to share a hamburger over the phone.

I’ll be spending two weeks at my parents’ house, chatting with them, watching movies together, sharing meals from home and stories and pictures from our new home, building a puzzle with Mom or a model with Dad.  Heading to Tom Wahl’s for a burger, just like Dad loves to do.  I’ll also attend my niece’s baptism and confirmation and check in with some of our supporting churches.

Visits like this are going to be very rare, but I’m very grateful that God provided for my friends in such a way that they could pass some of His blessing on to me and my family.  I’ll miss Tracy and the kids (and appreciate your prayers for them while I’m gone), but I can’t wait to spend time with my family and celebrate with my friends.

Prayers, please:

  • of thanks for this blessing and opportunity
  • of thanks that SIM was able to accommodate me on making a trip back so soon into our term
  • for health, safety, rest, and success in all the legs of this journey
  • for joyful reunions and memories
  • for Tracy and the kids during my absence
  • for efficiency in handling some stateside business (and thanks that the timing was so opportune) and in seeing people in the short time available
  • for Kevin and Rachael as they celebrate the start of their marriage and as they build a life and family together
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