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Celebrating missions

What a whirlwind it’s been lately! With the fundraising appeal prep work, the special writing assignment, the magazine redesign and issue, and new prayer cards, I’ve been blessed with a great flurry of work.

Now, it’s time to celebrate some more!

Every year, Browncroft Community Church (2530 Browncroft Boulevard, Rochester, NY 14625) dedicates a week to celebrating missions and the work they help support. It was Tracy’s home church growing up and launched each of us into missionary work, so it’s always a joy to visit them and celebrate together. I’m excited to share our new prayer cards and preview the new magazine (finalized and approved earlier this week) at this year’s Global Outreach Celebration.

They hold their worship services at 9 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. We’ll be there in the morning (and other times throughout the week), so come on down and say hello! It’s always a wonderful place to worship God.

Please pray for us to bless and be blessed in each of these opportunities:

  • sharing about our ministry at a display table between services and after second service
  • sharing about our ministry in a breakout group at the Women’s Fellowship
  • attending the 20th anniversary celebration of BCC’s partnership with the Wolof people group, which is also how Tracy and I got involved in missions and where we still have many friends
  • a missionaries-only retreat luncheon (always a blessing to us and a wonderful time to connect with others in this work)
  • presenting about missionary work to their Kids Club
  • sharing about our ministry (along with several other missionaries) at retirees group
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Deep roots in hard soil

CHARLOTTE, NC — Bruce Johnson, fresh from greeting America’s second Ebola patient to Emory Hospital in Atlanta, now faced fifty reporters and twenty-five camera operators eager to present his words to audiences throughout America and across the world.

No pressure.

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“Missions: Why Go?” attendees

CHARLOTTE, NC — Before Friday’s reception, SIM USA President Bruce Johnson had said he hoped the event would give the organization’s neighbors a better understanding of their work, purpose, and history; update SIM’s existing friends about how it is doing; and help people begin to consider how they might serve God through missions.

Attendees of the reception seemed to have fulfilled those goals, saying they were both pleased and impressed and mingling long after it ended to discuss the mission and its work with the many staff on hand.

Femi & Toyin Ogundipe _MG_4350

Femi Ogundipe, 59, pastor of All Nations Assembly in Rock Hill, SC, came both to hear Nancy speak and because he – a fellow Nigerian – is close friends with Dr. Joshua Bogunjoko, SIM International Director.

“We have been praying for Nancy and her husband. It was wonderful to meet her,” he said, adding that testimonies like theirs are good reminders that God has said His followers will experience tribulation, just as Paul suffered his “thorn in the flesh.”

“The church needs to celebrate stories like this. God shows His glory and faithfulness through people willing to be used,” Ogundipe said. “It’s not the stuff of movies but regular, ordinary people going through the stuff of life.”

Greg Payne came to find out more about the mission his church supports

Greg Payne came to find out more about the mission his church supports

Greg Payne, 26, executive assistant to the lead pastor for City Church in Charlotte, came because his church is supporting an SIM appointee, a doctor headed to Niger to do counseling.

“I definitely wanted to support her, and it’s interesting,” Payne said. “I really love that SIM is really genuine and gave God the glory for it all.”

Payne said he found SIM to be very professional, which gave him confidence that if he went into missions, it would be a good organization to consider approaching.


Bob Hay talks with Elizabeth Hudson about SIM's application process

Bob Hay talks with Elizabeth Hudson about SIM’s application process

Elizabeth Hudson, 24, came with her mother, Lois, because she is interested in missionary work and was glad to learn more about it. She’s unsure how God might be calling her and appreciated the hospitality of members like Bob Hay, a third-generation SIMer whose grandparents were pioneer missionaries in Nigeria and whose father served as the organization’s international director for many years.

“I’ll be interested in learning more,” Hudson said.

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