God’s timing

School started today at the kids’ new school in South Africa.  They just weren’t there for it.

We had expected to get there last week.  We had tried really hard.  We prayed and prepared and met with people and built our prayer and financial teams.  We did all that we could and left the rest up to God.

He reminded us that He’ll get us there when He wants us to be there.  That’s okay, and He has given us peace about that.

Many months ago, Tracy and I had to propose a faith date for moving to Cape Town.  Initially, we proposed August 2015.  It was about a year out, it was between school years here, and it seemed a good balance of getting to the work and taking time to prepare for it.  SIM staff in Cape Town quickly told us that August was not a good time to land kids in school there and that June or January would be better.

June seemed like the wrong solution for several reasons, notably the kids’ schooling and SIM’s encouragement to leave well and honor relationships.  We made peace with January 2016 and viewed it as a blessing that we’d have another holiday season with our families and then leave for a few years.  That seemed healthy and logical and all those good things.  Don’t worry God; we figured it out for You.

You already heard how that went.

We’re glad.  Yes, it’s disappointing to be delayed.  Yes, we want to get there.  Yes, we want to be faithful to the work God has for us and the people who have partnered with it.  Yes, I really wanted to escape New York’s winter before it really gets going.

But we are grateful for so much.  God has been so good to us, directly and through others.  Our house sold without ever going on the market.  The kids adjusted well to leaving it, to moving, and to moving again.  We were able to keep our dog to ease our first two transitions and then sent her to a good home (the same one we’d just sold to friends who love her).  God led us to a safe, warm, spacious rental home that helps us sort what stays, what goes away, and what goes with us.  We’ve had very few tears about very many losses and changes.  We received excellent cross-cultural training in Canada, cherished visits with friends and family down south, and saw an amazing boost in our monthly partnerships in late November and early December.

We’re still getting ready for departure.  We’re still building our support teams.  We’re still able to spend time with friends and family.  More time here means more time to study and prepare for the work ahead.  It means more time to learn and practice videography by learning and recording family history.  It means more time to help my elderly parents, our church, and others.  It means more time to honor relationships and leave well.

Once we’ve gathered most of the remaining monthly partnerships we need, SIM’s Cape Town staff will issue us an invitation letter and we’ll apply to the South African government for a visa.  During the month or so that they’ll review our application, we’ll work to complete our monthly partnerships, and when it’s all in place, then we’ll go.  We’re hoping for late March, but it’s really up to Him.

Whenever it is, we’ll know that it’s God’s timing.

Please join us in praying that we remain focused and diligent in completing the responsibilities God has entrusted to us in the months ahead and that those awaiting us in Cape Town be blessed with peace and patience, too.


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One thought on “God’s timing

  1. God is truly putting everything in place for this journey… Praise and Glory to Him! and Peace be to you and your family during the final preparations.

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