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God’s timing

School started today at the kids’ new school in South Africa.  They just weren’t there for it.

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It’s like butter

homemade butter 3-25-2014

I really like making things with the kids, especially goofy things we do with our hands and that get us exercise.  Add in food, and that’s even better, especially if it’s something we’ll be able to keep doing when we get to Africa.

I’ve made whipped cream with them a few times, and we did that again the other day.  I always enjoy watching it transform suddenly from liquid to foam.  Reminding the kids that whipping it too long can turn it into butter led to an Internet search, a video, and a desire to make butter ourselves.

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Learning to trust God’s timing

God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all good.  He made the universe, from the biggest galaxies down to the tiniest subatomic particles.  He knows everything, and as scary as that can feel when we think about the mistakes we’ve made and the ways we’ve wronged Him and others, that means that we never have to fear He’ll find out what we’re really like.  He already knows, and yet He loves us anyway.  Inexplicably, we’re welcomed as children and not condemned as criminals.  He told us again and again through the Bible that He’ll provide what we need when we need it.

So why do we so often struggle to trust that He will?

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