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Teaching life and livelihood for 20 years

The purpose of my trip to Nigeria in November was to cover the 20th anniversary of a computer school founded there by Dr. Anthony Petrillo, an SIM missionary, in partnership with ECWA, a Nigerian Christian denomination.  This article tells the history of that partnership and will be the first-posted of several articles written for Dr. Petrillo’s ministry, TEN3.

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Learning to trust God’s timing

God is all-knowing, all-powerful, and all good.  He made the universe, from the biggest galaxies down to the tiniest subatomic particles.  He knows everything, and as scary as that can feel when we think about the mistakes we’ve made and the ways we’ve wronged Him and others, that means that we never have to fear He’ll find out what we’re really like.  He already knows, and yet He loves us anyway.  Inexplicably, we’re welcomed as children and not condemned as criminals.  He told us again and again through the Bible that He’ll provide what we need when we need it.

So why do we so often struggle to trust that He will?

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Prayer Letter #2

Click here to read our October 2013 prayer letter

  • “Hearing God in life’s little door dings”
  • current focus, tasks and needs
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Our first prayer letter

Click here to read our August 2013 prayer letter

  • Our call to missionary work
  • Description of our ministry
  • Descriptions of the organizations with which we serve (SIM and TEN3)
  • Map of current countries in which TEN3 ministers
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