Life after deadline

A lot of stress went away on Monday, when my colleague declared my tasks complete for our current print publication.

It’s a semi-annual magazine that required a number of stories, and my lack of foresight for this new task meant I hadn’t arranged for other missionaries to contribute their own.  Add being out of town for two weeks, handling everything while Tracy was back in the states for nearly three, the kids being on early dismissal every day, and some flooding in the house, and I was swamped.

What a relief, then, to hear that my work on it was done.

It’s been wonderful this week to be working full days again instead of three hours between school runs, to be catching up less urgent tasks and computer maintenance and even planning ahead.  The next magazine won’t be published until June, but I’ve learned my lesson:  I’ve already planned out how the space will be used, how many articles of each length and type we’ll need, and how many contributed articles I’ll solicit.  That plan will change, I’m sure, but it’s good to know it’s started.

I’ve also been able to turn my attention to more frequent media, which is more to my liking and background.  I learned journalism at daily newspapers, so I much prefer to get, write, and publish a story in a day or two.  SIM South Africa’s social media, email newsletter, and website give me that ability, and being off deadline gives me the opportunity.  I’m working on a publication schedule for using those (and our own) more effectively, and Tracy and I will soon be preparing a prayer letter.  Now would be a great time to sign up or to update your address.

Work is a blessing, and we are very thankful to be here.  This week, I got to take a breath and think about that a bit more again.

Please pray:

  • for the publication process to finish smoothly on this current issue
  • for the stories told to direct people’s attention to God and His work
  • for us to embrace our time and tasks here for His glory and kingdom
  • for us and our loved ones as we enter our first holiday season apart
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