Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

As I write this, it’s 9 am for most of you.  Turkeys are either being prepped or already roasting, families are gathering, and Wegmans is wishing people would stop forgetting to buy cranberries sooner.

Here, today was largely another day.  The kids went to school, I went to work, and Tracy was mostly home taking care of us.  We ate normally (we’re getting pizza for supper) and went about a regular day.  Some colleagues wished us a happy Thanksgiving; we’re not the first or the only Americans here, and this international group understands the importance of helping each other feel connected to our homelands.

We still have a couple days before we celebrate Thanksgiving with some friends here, but we are remembering today what we thank God for:

  • Tracy is thankful for family and friends who are like family.
  • Karen is thankful for food, shelter, water, and family.
  • Billy is thankful for his good friend Simanye (a very polite boy) and for play dates.

I’m thankful for our family, for this role that God has given us here, for a beautiful place to serve Him, and for the ways we have been welcomed to this new home and remembered back in our old one.

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