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Seeing value, seeing beauty

I love photography.

Like writing, photography is an art of observing, of seeing differently and more closely, and of seeking value even where it could easily be missed or assumed lacking.  Of deciding how best to share the value seen with others who may not have noticed or even had the chance to see for themselves.

It’s an art of honoring, valuing, and validating.

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Five miles and a world apart

One of the things that most perplexed me when I started teaching was some of my students insisting they were completely different from the students at the next school over.

Both schools were similar in size.  Both districts were farming communities with similar socio-economic and ethnic details.  Driving between the communities, it was hard even to figure out where the border was.  Five miles and a world apart.

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How is God changing lives through our church?

It’s impossible to see everything God is doing in and through us as individuals and as groups, but it’s also hard just to remember the things we can see.

With our church’s annual meeting happening just around the corner, pastor Craig Cooper asked me a few weeks ago if I could put together a video highlighting some of the ways God is changing lives through our church, Crosswinds Wesleyan in Canandaigua, NY.

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“You can impress from afar, but …”

Late last month, I got to ask leaders in SIM’s US and International offices what they see as the value in our assignment to South Africa. This video presents their words.


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