So, I went to Nigeria last month…

It was a short trip and a sudden trip.  Preparations for the missions festival at church and the trip to Nigeria tied me up heavily for the few weeks leading in, and then I was out of the country for 11 days.  Now that I’ve been back for a bit, I’m still looking through notes and photos and planning stories.

Here’s a quick summary of things:

  • The main purpose was to attend the 20th anniversary of a computer school founded by my companion, an American computer scientist who served as a missionary in Nigeria at the time (and in other countries later; he still serves with SIM).  He had been invited to speak at the celebrations, and I was there to cover the events and learn about the ministry.
  • I interviewed school staff and graduates, as well as other Nigerians and missionaries.
  • I made friends, filled two and a half notebooks, took about 1,000 photos, and recorded many interviews, speeches, and songs.
  • I met many people working hard to make things better despite terrorists making things worse.
  • I got reminded to appreciate cold water by its absence, Coca-Cola by its presence, and security by the clear signs that it was hard to maintain.
  • Quadcopters are officially everywhere.
  • The state is named “Plateau” for good reason.  Walking on level ground seems normal, but climbing a hill reveals that there’s less air in the air at 4,000 feet elevation.
  • The peanuts there are amazing!  And bananas are up there, too.
  • Kids are always kids.  In Ireland, Senegal, Mongolia, Zambia, and home, kids will never let you take an unposed picture.  “Camera!  Stop playing!  Converge and stare!”  Nigeria, too.
  • Taking Doxycycline, an antibiotic, to prevent malaria apparently has the added benefit of armor-plating your GI tract.

I’m hoping to have some finished pieces this week.  Please check back.

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