We’ve been appointed!


After months of praying and waiting, we have been appointed!

Details are still developing, but we will leave around August 2015 for two years in Cape Town, South Africa. English is widely spoken there, but we will also learn Afrikaans in order to more fully respect and connect with the people there.

Officially, we have been appointed under my position as assistant communications and media relations officer (“jour•nal•ist”). I will be writing about SIM staff, the people they serve, and their ministries and needs for print and online publications. I’ll also be producing photos, videos, and audio, so there’s much for me to learn and do. There is also at least one book project on their wishlist, so I’m excited about that. I will double the communications staff there, and I’m told my future colleague “leapt for joy” when she heard help is coming.

Tracy is examining how to obtain medical credentials for South Africa, where the equivalent of a physician assistant is called a clinical associate. As we settle in, she’ll evaluate the different medical ministries and see where she can best help.

Please continue to support us with your prayers, encouragement, and interest. Please also pray about whether to make a donation or a pledge to support us monthly. Thank you!


Click here to read this month’s full prayer letter, including a piece by Tracy about prayer and her mom.


Satellite Location Map of Cape Town
Satellite Location Map of Cape Town

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