Getting the Word out

God is so faithful and good.  We have been blessed with an interview about our life and work in today’s Finger Lakes Times, the newspaper for which I used to work.

The article is one in a series about how people met and fell in love, and we are grateful to the Times and to Spencer Tulis for including us.  As a reporter, I liked being interviewed instead of conducting one.

Spencer asked us to participate both because we met online, which was still rather unusual in 2000, and because of the importance of faith in our marriage.  He wrote about our previous missionary work and about our assignment to Cape Town, South Africa.  Coincidentally, Tracy won’t see the article for another week, as she is visiting an orphanage in Zambia right now with other women from our church.  I’m hoping to post a column on that by tomorrow night, but I will say now that it’s the same orphanage I visited in 2012.  That trip was the reminder that led us to pursue full-time missions.

We are so excited about the work ahead of us, and I can’t wait to write articles full-time again instead of in stolen moments between chores and children.  I have definitely switched sides on snow days and school breaks now that I work from home instead of teaching, but I do cherish the time with the kids.


Anyone interested in reading the article can find it here.  (

If you’ve already read that and came here because of it, then welcome!  I hope you’ll enjoy the articles and columns already here.


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